Avenue Patrice Lumumba – Guy Tillim


Guy Tillim was born in Johannesburg in 1962. The widely respected and established south african photographer is mainly known for pictures of third world Africa and often of war- and trouble-stricken areas. Tillim prefers working in colour. Cautious brightness is one of his characteristics. Guy Tillim is living and working in Cape Town.




Avenue Patrice Lumumba reflects on the architecture of colonial and post-colonial Africa. In this series tillim travels through several countries in Africa, including Mozambique, Angola and The Democratic Republic of Congo. Patrice Lumumba was one of the first elected African leaders of modern times. He challenged the Belgian status quo which favored, not rule of the land but recognized only the rule of the powerful. In 1960 he became the first Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and was assassinated by Belgian agents in 1961. Seen as a liberator-in-chief of independent Africa, many streets, avenues and squares bear his name in honor. Tillim describes his photographs  not as collapsed histories of post-colonial African states or as a meditation on aspects of late-modernist colonial structures, but a walk through avenues of dreams – Lumumba`s dreams.





hlttp://www.photonet.org.uk/index.php?pid=291                                                                http://5b4.blogspot.com/2008/12/avenue-patrice-lumumba-by-guy-tillim.html


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