Champions – Anderson & Low



Since 1990 the two photographers Jonathan Anderson and Edwin Low have been collaborating as the team “Anderson & Low”. Portraiture, nudes, arcitectural studies, abstract images, reportage, landscape and highly disciplined studio-based images are part of their work and have been exhibited world wide.


Their exhibition “Champions – portraits by Anderson & Low”, premiered in autumn 2008, benefits the Elton John Aids Foundation in raising awareness of the global issue of HIV/AIDS. Several years in the making and shot over three continents a new display of over 30 previously unseen nude portraits of leading international sportsmen and women by acclaimed photographers Anderson & Low opened at the National Portrait Gallery on 30 October 2008. Originally scheduled to run for three months, it was extended by two further months due tu its overwhelming popularity.


 Transcending cultural and socio-economic boundaries the universal appeal of these athletes made them the ideal subjects for this project. Their nudity in the portraits is a symbol for both, their physical beauty and strength alongside their vulnerability and humanity. The subjects for the portraits are drawn from a range of sporting disciplines and include Thierry Henry, Matt Dawson, Billie Jean King and Venus Williams. The participation of these sports stars has drawn attention to the importance and relevance of continued education, prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS.



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