Portraits from Africa – John Kenny


John Kenny was born in Manchester in the UK. His characteristic is a unique approach to photographing people. His work of the last 2 years with remote African societies is only a small part of an ongoing project to experience and capture the beauty of this majestic continent and it’s people.


Portraits from Africa is a series of stunning images from the mysterious regions of Africa, documenting tribal societies justly proud of their traditions and cultural heritage. Kenny has photographed in regions that stretch from the southern hinterlands of the Sahara, homeland to the Fula, the largest surviving group of nomadic people, to the valleys of northern Kenya and southern Ethiopia, and beyond to the deserts of the Kalahari. The Betammaribe tribe, living in the Atakora mountains of Benin, have separated themselves from outsiders. They have castle-like mud huts. In the semi-arid Sahel of Mali he found the elegant Fulda wandering with their animals through dry marginal lands on the border of the Sahara. Enhanced by jewellery and facial tattoos, their society places huge importance on beauty. In the desert landscapes of northern Kenya Kenny photographed normadic tribes Samburu, Rendille and Turkana, some of the most colourful and visually striking people of the entire continent.                                                                                                                  In his pictures faces of people from different tribes emerge from the shadows illuminated by a soft and diffuse natural light. Their innocence and beauty challenges the presumption of an African immersed in corruption, conflict and hunger.






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