Portraits – Gerhard Richter


Gerhard richter was born 9th of February in 1932 in Dresden and is living and working in Cologne. He is recognised as one of the world’s leading contemporary artists.

gerhard-richter-portraits-580x402    Daughter Ella (2007)

His mature work dates from 1962 when he made his first “Photo Pictures”: In his opinion a photograph being machine made is the ‘most perfect picture’. So he started painting based on photographs selected from newspapers, magazines and later family albums. Richter commented on his own work: ‘ I’m not trying to imitate a photograph, I’m trying to make one.’ From the mid-1960s he also used his own photographs as the basis for paintings. He was seeking for a more direct and objective way of representing the world. Richter’s subject matter was wide and his attitude to portraiture unconventional. Both, recognisable and anonzmous individuals were depicted. By blurring the images, Richter suggests that the painting is an imprcise representation of reality. The nature of the persons we see remains mysterious. From around 1964 Richter started using snapshots from old family albums as the basis of paintings. He was painting his first wife Emma (1966), his second wife Isa Gentyken (1993), his daughters Betty (1988) and Ella (2007) and his current wife Sabine Moritz with their infant son Moritz (1995). The  exhibition illuminates Richter’s compelling but unconventional approach to portraiture.

gerhard-richter-portraits       Daughter Betty (1977)





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