Wildlife Photographer of the Year

The “Wildlife Photographer of the Year” is the world’s most prestigious annual photography competition and exhibition for wildlife photographers anywhere in the world, owned by the Natural History Museum and BBC Wildlife Magazine.The competition demonstrates the vast complexity and fragility of our natural world and provokes a wider awareness of wildlife conservation. It has 17 different categories from animal behaviour and plants to urban wildlife and both professionals and amateurs of all ages are allowed to participate. Professionals win many prizes, but amateurs succeed, too. That’s because achieving the perfect picture is down to a mixture of skill, vision, originality, knowledge of nature and luck. Being accepted into this competition is something that wildlife photographers, worldwide, aspire to. The winning photographs are on exhibition at London’s Natural History Museum first and will tour internationally to around 60 cities where they will be seen by millions of people from all over the world.

 elephant-gal-wildlife     Ben Osborne, Elephant Creation, overall winner 2007

The origins of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year go back to the 1964, when BBC Wildlife Magazine was called Animals. There were just three categories and about 600 entries, but even then it was the leading event for nature photographers. Finally, in 1984 the BBC Wildlife Magazine and the Natural History Museum joined forces and created the competition as it is today. There are more than 32, 000 entries from over 3100 photographers form all over the world. This year’s overall winner is Steve Winter with his picture Snowstorm Leopard.

01-1  Steve Winter (USA), Snowstorm Leopard, overall winner 2009


http://www.geo.de/GEO/fotografie/fotoshows/55299.html         www.nhm.ac.uk/wildphoto


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