Modernism / Postmodernism


In its modern and post-modern incarnations, photography has had to sort out its two functions. The modern function says the photo records life, reveals a priori formal, emotional or existential truths that are inherent in real time, the viewing of which pleases, moves or improves us. The french photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson (1908-2004) for exemple is considered to be the father of modern photojounalism. He influenced generations of following photographers with his “street photography” and “real life reportage” style.




The post-modern function recognizes that in our information age, photography is a fictive medium, able to create realities, the viewing of which poses complex questions about how we think, how we ascribe meaning, how we define the real and how we inculcate norms and collective signs. Cindy Sherman (born 19.01.1951 in New Jersey) is an american photographer and fild director famous for her conceptual portrairs. She is living and working in new york. Cindy spend her entire career taking pictures of herself. In the beginning they were pretty and enchanting. As she moved on in her career, she wanted to create things that weren’t quite so beautiful. In a piece like this, she wanted to create an image with beautiful colors that would engage you, but the moment you are approaching it, you were repulsed.






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