The Development of my project

Thinking Time / First ideas:                                                                                                                                                                          -Taking pictures of travelling objects (plane, train, car, cycle…)                                                                                -Taking pictures of travel places in London (Airport, Rail Station…)                                                                          -Doing an own journey and document it(Diary)                                                                                                         -Taking pictures of travelling people / the crowd                                                                                                      -Taking pictures of the crowd and the people`s movement

Inspiration                                                                                                                                                                The first picture that came into my mind is „Curiosity“, an image by Jon Bertelli.




I really do like his picture and have a few ideas in my head, inspired by this image. My first idea was taking pictures of travel objects, crop them, and re-order them in anoter way. The idea was to express „the picture`s frame is not the limit“. In context with travelling I wanted to express „there is no limit of travelling“.


 I made some attempts to express this idea:




I threw this idea quickly away, because I couldn`t develope it the way I wanted. The idea of taking pictures of the crowd at busy travel places and taking pictures of it`s movement seemed to me more interesting. The first idea was heading to crowded travel places in London and take pictures of myself and the passing people. I was using a tripod and taking pictures with a slow shutter speed so that I could catch the people`s movement blurry. Placing myself not moving in the middle of the picture, I was sharp and clear, while the passing people were blurry. I wanted to express the idea of „alone with everyone“ and catching the movement of the traveling people.












Anyway, I was still not satisfied with the result and tried some other techniques until I finally found the one I was searching for: Zoom! I took a few shots of my fried zooming from a long to short while the shutter is open. And finally while I was doing my research I found information about „The Detective“, one of Sophie Calle`s projects, that caught my attention.



Inspiration: Sophie Calle – „The Detective“  

Sophie Calle, born in 1953, is a French writer, photographer, installation artist and conceptual artist. Her work frequently depicts human vulnerability and examines identity and intimacy. She is recognized for her detective-like ability to follow strangers and investigate their private lifes. Her photographic work often includes panels of text of her own writing.


For her project „The detective“ hired Calle, by using her mother as an intermidiary, a private detective to follow her on a specific day. The detective photographed her and took notes of her movements. Calle published these photos and notes together with her own comments on and photos of her activities that day, which were shaped by the knowledge that someone was following her. Furthermore, she asked a friend to follow her, too, and take photos of anyone else who looked as if they were following her. So her essay also includes photos taken surreptitiously of the detective himself. Their photographs actually seem suspiciously artful, in the sense that Calle always appears obscured, blurred or too far away in them: there is only one in which it might be possible to identify her unambiguously.








               (The detective`s pitures of Sophie Calle)


My project: Me stalking myself  

Inspired by Sophie Calle`s work „The Detective“ and previous pictures taken in stratford, I decided to use the technique of zooming from a long to short while the shutter is open, with an exposure of ¼ or longer. A friend, that has nothing to do with photography, gave me a hand. Because he was not familiar with my camera (Nikon D60) and the tripod, I did and changed the camera settings and placed the tripod. It was me, taking the pictures first of him, so I could experience what camera settings to choose and where to place the tripod. Afterwards we swoped and he just took the picture of me the way I wanted him to do. The characteristic of my project is that I am taking pictures of myself. In a certain way it feels like I am stalking myself. It was my settings, my friend just helped me with pressing the button. So even though I didn`t take the pictures on my own, it is still my work, my camera, my settings, my thoughts… The effect I wanted to create was depicting me as sharp as possible and the rest blurred. I wanted the pictures to look like taken in a rush and a hurry, though everything was planed and set up carefully. The pictures were altogether taken in tree days. The idea was heading around travel places in London, so that they seem to document a journey of myself. The pictures were taken in colour first, and changed later to black and white. Finally I gave the edited black and white pictures a blue-ish touch. I wanted them to look like very old pictures, taken with an analog camera. I want the viewers to believe these pictures were taken on the run, in a hurry, because the photographer was trying to catch me on my journey.



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