Small World

My idea of this project is to show that everything consists of small things, or beginns small –> It`s a small world!! Every student is supposed to present at least 6 pictures and research about photographers and photography that helped or motivated them to finish their projects. Further they ar supposed to write about the origing and the pictures, where or when they were taken..etc. I choosed to work with layers to try presenting my idea in the best way. Each of my pictures consists of a background, in black and white, which presents the whole thing, that either consists of small things or what it is going to be in future. In front and in colour are the main things, the small things, that build up the “big thing”.  Just have a look at my pictures and I am going to explain them more…



The first picture is showing a tree in the background. I have taken this picture during my stay in South Africa in july08. So it is about an african tree. This picture is originally a coloured one, I changed it to a black and white one. In front and in colour, there are two hands, holding a bit of  earth carefully, with a young, little plant, growing in there. With this picture I wanted to show that everything beginns small. This just a few days old, young, fragile plant will grow up to a huge and strong tree, if it gets the chance. I have recently taken this picture for my project. One of my friends gave me a hand, or in this case two.



My second picture is about a car, to be more precise a BMW Z3, one of my favourite cars, not only because it is from Bavaria, like me, but because it`s got a great design. The car in the back is in black and white. I`ve taken this picture recently for my project. I was just searching in London for some nice cars to take pictures, and found this one. In the front and in colour there are two screws. When I used to be back home in Germany for a few days, I was asking my boyfriend, who loves cars by the way, to organise some big and “good looking” screws for me for my photography project. The idea is to depict that this car consists of at least hundered thousands small things.




 The third picture shows London`s beautiful St Paul`s cathedral, in the back and in black and white. I`ve taken this picture myself in oct07, when I have been to London just for one week in order to visit the university on it`s open day. In the front there is a reddish brick. I found that brick recently on my way home, lying next to the street. Even a huge building like St Paul`s cathedral consists of  a countless amount of little bricks.




Picture number four is showing abottle of red wine, a wine glass and some bread in the back and in black and white. In the front and in colour there are red grapes. I bought a bottle of red wine, bread and the grapes to take this picture on a wooden table in the kitchen. I wanted to show an italian / french style decorated table. I wanted to show that a bottle of wine consists of thousands of grapes, to be more precisely, pressed grapes.




My fifth picture, German Shepherd and puppy, is another picture of  “everything beginns small”. In the back there is a grown-up shepherd, looking friendly and happy at the camera, in black and white. Right in the front and in colour there is a small german shepherd puppy staring a bit shy at the camera. The adult shepherd is my landlord`s German shepherd bitch “Jess”. I have taken this picture of her on a sunny day, as you can see on the shades, during a walk in the park. The germany shepperd puppy is called “Fergy”. I`ve taken this picture of him during my stay in Germany last month. Friends of mine just got him.




My last picture is showing a huge snow-covered mountain in the back in black and white. I have aswell taken this picture during my stay in Germany. I was visiting a friend of mine who is studying in Austria, in Innsbruck, which is about 60km from where I live. During my journey I took this picture of a mountain in Austria. In the front there are several different small stones. I was collecting them in Germany and took pictures of them. I wanted to show that even this huge mountain consitst of even very very small stones.


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